Safeguarding policy

Trustees of the Armed Forces Education Trust (AFET) are committed to the welfare of all children and young people.  They will endeavour to ensure that benefactors of the Trust, primarily children and young people, are kept safe from harm.

  1. On appointment and, if possible, before taking up the post, Trustees will undergo a basic check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Records of this will be maintained by the CEO.
  2. The CEO will provide all new Trustees with a copy of the Charity Commission for England and Wales Policy on Safeguarding and Young people. Trustees will sign to confirm that they have read and understood these documents and the CEO will maintain a record.
  3. The Trust will have a named lead for child protection.
  4. No Trustee will have contact alone with a child or young person who is a beneficiary of the Trust
  5. Information will be shared on a need to know basis and if possible with the child and parents’ consent. If this is not the case the Chair and Lead on safeguarding must be consulted.
  6. All parents or guardians of beneficiaries of the Trust should receive information stating our commitment to safeguarding and that information would be shared on a need to know basis.
  7. Safeguarding will be a standard agenda item at each Trustee meeting
  8. This Safeguarding policy will be reviewed, approved and endorsed by the board of trustees annually or when legislation changes

June 2020