Purpose of Individual Grants

The Armed Forces Education Trust is a registered charity. Its main object is to support children and young people under the age of 25 who are, or have been, dependents of serving or former members of the Armed Services including the Royal Navy, Army and RAF Reserves, and who would not achieve their educational potential without extra financial support.

Most children of servicemen are happy, resilient and successful, and thrive on the opportunities that service life brings. Others, however, can be disadvantaged by a lack of stability in mainstream education and by some of the challenges of service life.  For these young people, The Armed Forces Education Trust may be able to assist with education related fees for school & college (from Year 2 only) which parents or guardians would not otherwise be able to afford.

Additionally, in exceptional cases, The Armed Forces Education Trust may be able to offer short-term financial support for other services which will help young people meeting the Trust’s eligibility requirements over particular hurdles which are preventing them from achieving their educational potential.

The Trust has a special relationship with the schools group Cognita (www.cognitaschools.com), which has 43 schools in the UK and several abroad. When considering applying for a grant for school fees, please check to see if a Cognita school may be suitable.

Who can be considered for a grant?

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria of The Forces Children Education Trust education grant detailed below. Please click here to see if you meet the criteria.

Armed Forces Education Trust Educational Grants Fund

Grants are available for children and young people who are dependents of a father or mother who is currently serving or has served in the British Armed Services, including the Territorial Army or Reserves and whose parents/guardians are living on low incomes.   Preference will be given to those studying courses likely to lead to improved employment prospects. In addition, applicants must demonstrate the child/young person will be:

•        Studying at a school, college or university, and/or

•        In need of support to meet physical, emotional or mental health needs to enhance their learning

What we can help with?

We can help with a wide variety of educational needs including fees, travel, books and equipment.

What we CANNOT help with:

  • Items already covered by statutory funding
  • Costs already incurred
  • Daily living expenses          

Who can apply?

Applications can be made by parents or guardians/carers,  or directly by the young person seeking support.

How to apply

New applications can be made by emailing us to request an application form, once you have checked that you meet the criteria. Please click here to start the process.

If you are already in receipt of a grant and need to reapply, you can download our application form here and send it to the address shown on the form.