Applying for a Collective Grant

Please contact us directly to discuss your eligibility for a collective grant and we can advise you as to whether a bid would be considered by the Trustees.

While there is no formal application form for collective grants we would expect to receive a bid that contains the following information:

  • Name and role of person making the bid
  • Company/ charity/ school/ organisation name
  • What is grant required for  – please give breakdown of costs and describe the need that the grant is intended to meet
  • What is the cost of the provision for which you are seeking a grant and for how long/ over what time period is it needed?
  • Are you applying for/receiving grants from any other sources? If so, who and how much?
  • Who will be delivering the services provided by the grant?
  • Who will be managing/ overseeing the delivery?
  • Who will the grant benefit? – please indicate how many service children will benefit and how many other non-service children will also benefit
  • How will this benefit service children? What evidence do you have?
  • Why can this requirement not be covered by pupil premium/ how is Pupil Premium being spent currently?
  • Are you receiving any other grants/ funding that benefits service pupils – please give details
  • How will you know that the grant has met the need/ been successful? Who will be responsible for reporting on outcomes?
  • If you are a company/ charity please provide most recent report and accounts