As a member of the Armed Forces it is often difficult to mange the education of ones children with the end of service dates, even when nothing unexpected happens to shorten this. Leaving the Army half way through Autumn term, Sergeant Brown’s daughter, Maia, was in her year 11 at her boarding school, with GSCEs looming the following summer. Sgt Brown was in receipt of Continuation of Education (aka boarding school) allowance, which would stop at the end of the term after he left.

Having chosen boarding school for Maia for the stability of her education, the Browns were keen not to disrupt Maia’s education at this crucial stage. However, they were not settling near the school but could not afford to pay boarding school fees. The Trustees agreed to fund a grant to partially pay the fees for 2 terms to allow the Browns time to find an alternative school for Maia to do her sixth form, nearer the new family home.

Many parents in the Armed Forces wish for their children to remain with them as long as possible before they consider boarding and for some children, boarding school is just not an option. However, despite the fact that service parents are often moving less than previously (often with the non-serving parent choosing to stay in a family home) many children do still find themselves moving from one state school (UK or MOD funded) to another. This can be particularly problematic if a child has learning difficulties.

Fl Lt Walker had been posted back from Cyprus to RAF Shawbury and then less than 2 years later to RAF Benson. His son, Ryan, had learning difficulties that had been diagnosed in Cyprus. However the subsequent moves to new primary schools had not allowed enough time for the new schools to put a plan in place to help Ryan. The Trust provided a grant for Ryan to partially pay for the extra support that was needed until the school could get the funding required to help him.