Mayhill Primary School

Mayhill Junior School is the main feeder school for children whose parents work and live at RAF Odiham in Hampshire. Almost 40% of the pupils at the school are from military families with considerable numbers joining and leaving mid school year. The nature of the work of the service personnel at RAF Odiham means that families are impacted by regular, short notice deployments, which leads to constant disruption to family life.

While Military children in three out of four year groups are attaining higher than the non-military in reading and writing the school identified a need to raise aspiration and confidence with children from some military families. They also suffered from a loss of subject knowledge and expertise in leading interventions in maths as their key adult was a military wife who moved away on a posting.

At Mayhill junior school, the pupil premium is already being used proactively to raise the standard of both education and pastoral care for these pupils. The Trust’s grant enabled the school to expand its ELSA (Emotional Learning Support) programme for service pupils as well as training a teacher to run a maths booster programme for these children.

Lypiatt Primary School

Lypiatt Primary School is located within the Services Cotswold Centre, a MoD establishment comprising 61 housing units for families who need temporary accommodation usually related to discharge from the services, family break-up, or bereavement. Families frequently arrive at short notice, with no certainty about their future and often in vulnerable circumstances.[/caption]

All pupils are service children. Pupils transfer from service schools in Germany, Cyprus and other countries. Children stay for short periods ranging from one or two weeks to six months, until their families find alternative accommodation. This means there is a constant turnover of pupils joining and leaving the school’s two mixed-age classes.

Lypiatt pupils, unlike the majority of children living in the UK, are highly mobile and have often attended many schools before starting with us. A disrupted education has meant that children often miss essential parts of the curriculum and there are occasions when slow assessment has meant that children with special educational needs have not received the support they require.

Lypiatt Primary is also affected by the manner in which pupil premium is calculated, being based on the number of service pupils in the school on one particular date each year when there could be just a handful of pupils at the school. The grant provided by the Trust helps to mitigate the barriers to learning that the children face as a direct result of their service background and changing home circumstances by providing additional teaching hours. The Trust’s grant thus allows Lypiatt Primary to help to bring underperforming children up to or beyond their age related expectations.