Do you qualify for an individual grant from the Armed Forces Education Trust?

We have many factors when we consider awarding a grant. However there are some basic requirements before you apply. Please consider these three questions to see if you qualify and if you do, then take the step listed below to start the application process.

Question 1

Does the child seeking a grant have a parent who is currently serving or who previously served in HM Forces?

Please note that you will need to provide proof of service of the qualifying parent as part of the application process.

Question 2

Is the child for whom a grant is being sought under 25 years old?

Grants can only be given to children meeting the other qualification criteria until their 25th year.

Question 3

Is the grant required for education related expenses (please see FAQ for more detail)?

Question 4

Has your child been impacted by your service?

If your answer is YES to ALL of these questions you qualify to apply for a grant with us and may be successful in being awarded a grant. Please click the “Yes – Start Application Process” button below to send us an email.

You must include:

  1. Your full legal name
  2. Your direct contact number / mobile
  3. A brief description of the purpose of your application?

Please note:
Unfortunately, if you answer NO to ANY of these questions we regret that we will not be able to process an application for you. We wish you well and hope you find the support you are looking for.